Jeff started his DJ career in 1982, working for Mecca and one of the largest nightclubs of its day, The Powerhouse in Birmingham. From there it was a non-stop roller coaster ride through several Mecca 

“There is only one Jeff Keenan and only one Steamhouse Rock Night……it’s an experience not to be missed. Awesome rock music for an awesome crowd”

Nightclubs then working abroad for a couple of years as a DJ and Compare in countries such as France, Switzerland and Norway. Coming back home Jeff started working for First Leisure and other Clubs in the UK before embarking on a Touring regime as either the main DJ/Compare or Event Manager promoting products such as Honda, Silk Cut, Marlboro and Peter Stuyvesant Cigarettes, Kahlua, Pernod to name a few throughout the UK and Europe.


All the way through the time he was on tour Jeff was always working as a resident DJ in some club or other to keep his hand in within the club scene.


In 1995, Jeff left the UK and embarked on a 2 year stint in Ibiza and came back in 1997 to start globetrotting playing the clubs again until he hung up his headphones once and for all in 2001.


Until 2011, Jeff lived a normal life having left his former career behind, then the first Reunion of the Steamhouse Rock Night was suggested……

Jeff Keenan’s Steamhouse Rock Night started when rock music was high on the agenda in the music charts and within the music industry, the days of “hair metal” ‘AOR” “heavy metal” and other rock genres, the year being 1988.


Jeff had tapped into what was “big” in the rock world and presented it in a style that worked with the crowd that was flocking to the Malt and Hops public house in Southbourne, Bournemouth. This night simply “rocked” with queues waiting outside before the pub opening time every Sunday, then streaming in through the door to find their particular place for the evenings entertainment and engagement in the nights proceedings. 

Until 2011, Jeff lived a normal life having left his former career behind, then the first Reunion of the Steamhouse Rock Night was suggested……


Roll on to 1995 and Jeff Keenan’s Steamhouse Rock Night was asked to move to the biggest Nightclub on the South Coast that suited the “massiveness” of the rock night, The Academy 2 in Boscombe, Bournemouth.


The opening night was as expected, a sell out, over 2,300 people flocked to the night with ABCD performing live and the night exploding with Jeff Keenan’s known way of winding up the crowd to fever pitch. Further nights followed of the same stature, linking up with the biggest rock music show of its day…. Headbangers Ball.


Concerts from Magnum, FM and other major groups also followed the reputation of Jeff and the night helped by the fact the venue could cater for live concerts.


Towards the end of 1995, internal politics meant that Jeff partied company with the owners and retired from the rock scene to concentrate on other areas of the music business.



Steamhouse Rock Night – Modern Times

After over 20 years, Jeff Keenan was asked to bring back the Steamhouse Rock Night for a reunion night of which he did, with much success. Having seen the demand for the night again and after subsequent other reunion nights over the next year, The Inferno Public House offered Jeff a residency, once a month on a Friday to allow the night to grow once again and establish some roots.

Since starting there in late 2011 the night has exceeded all expectations, keeping the old style of the Steamhouse from the original days and enhancing it with modern touches, keeping the regulars from then who have stayed with night and building on the new ones.

The principal of the night hasn’t changed…… Awesome rock music for an awesome crowd from all walks of life. Helping to promote new music so that we may have the anthems of the future and making sure that everyone who comes to a Steam Night is immersed into the brand and enjoys themselves.

Stepping Out

January 2016 saw the launch of the Steamhouse Rock Night weekly podcast, playing all the current and new rock tunes coupled with some classic anthems, produced into a radio show format. This is uploaded weekly through Mixcloud, Facebook and Twitter

7th May, 2016, The Steamhouse Rock Night has been given its own stage at The Festival of Sounds – Rock Version festival held in Newhaven’s Fort. This is the first time The Steamhouse has ventured out of Bournemouth and is proud to have been asked.

Having accepted a new challenge with the Festival of Sound and seeing the success of the podcast it seems clear there is a market for The Steamhouse brand of commercial, classic and anthemic rock music with Jeff Keenan at the helm, therefore we are now looking to expand the brand into the following areas:

Live shows in pubs/clubs, Festivals, After show parties, Tour DJ, Compare, Product Tours and many other opportunities that may come our way.

Media/Social Media

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