Hi I'm John,  Along with Nikki I over see the running of Chesil Radio, I also present and produce my own shows where possible. In addition I help presenters and deal with all technical issues online to keep the station running nice and smoothly while holding down my day job which does present a great number of challenges even on a daily basis, I would be lost without my mobile phone ha ha

I have always had a passion for music and radio ever since being a small child (Yes, do you remember putting in a cassette and recording the top 40 on a Sunday every week) and was given this amazing opportunity to open the station through my previous experience in working with hospital radio and the help of the presenters, friends and family who without their support I would not be able to run this amazing venture.

Likes :-  Music, All "Big Hair" Rock, 70s 80s & 90s and some dance music,   Enjoy eating Chilli and love my partner xxx

Dislikes:- Peanut Butter, cant stand the stuff sorry !!  Not a fan of Jazz music either, or bad smells where ever they may linger

I need to stress that Chesil Radio is a Non For Profit station its funded only by myself and its presenters who work extremely hard in their own time to bring you the best possible entertainment.  If you spot anything that is not quite right or we could improve on let us know, this station is for you guys we are just here to make it happen, however please bear in mind that any changes do take time but we are always working to improve our service constantly for your listening pleasure

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01305 898108


First Floor Office

Unit 2b

29 St Thomas Street



DT4  8EJ