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10 Days Of Speedway Pleasure & Pain - Last Part (Almost!)

I hope that you have enjoyed the coverage, so far. I have about 30GB of material still to share with you and will do over the next week or so… and on our new Speedway page due to launch in next couple of weeks.

But as you would expect people asked why the strange main title. Well I love my speedway coverage and you could say the pain was from crashes, but on this occasion, it was to do with me
I usually don’t indulge on bringing personal things into this but I do feel an explanation for those who don’t know me need to know and for those who read as far as this, thank you for your support on my latest speedway journey.

For those of you who have stayed, some know I have a disability or two but my main one is Fibromyalgia. I do (and will continue to do) awareness pieces on Chesil Radio’s news page. I do have other conditions which as they develop make things even harder, but for now I will concentrate on the fibro, basically it’s chronic pain and chronic fatigue with a whole bundle of other lovely things. I have a bag of tricks that I take to the track to get me out of any immediate issues with it and at no time do I put myself or any venue I am at in my danger and choose not to travel/attend meetings, as necessary.

I have to have accessible rooms when travelling as I can’t swing my leg over bath/shower combo’s and if I am lucky enough to get a lift to/from the meeting, I am normally in pain by the end of the night that I can barely walk. Well I don’t make one step without being in pain daily, so no difference if at home or at a track, but the end of a meeting I am wiped out too.

Did you know that I have chest pains the equivalent of a heart attack when I get cold trackside or over done it? Don’t worry although they are the equivalent to a heart attack, I am not having one and if I was there is always a lovely paramedic on site.
I got to heat 12 at Plymouth and the pain was starting to overwhelm me and just a smile from a fan or rider, just made it worthwhile to carry on. Also, I had a nasty fall on Monday, ripped open my knees (I have osteoarthritis in my right already) and smacked them on concrete, this does happen, but indicators meant I was on my way back to hotel when it happened and I will leave it to the station boss to decide whether you see the video I recorded back in my hotel following this. I am open about my disabilities and please don’t be scared to ask and in the same way don’t feel sorry for me or think I can’t do this, as I choose to do it. It helps my mental health as much as my physical, so think that speedway is helping me too.

Now I can hear you say why do it, well 5 seasons ago, I was introduced to speedway at Plymouth and fell in love with the sport. Having discussed my interests with my doctor, he encouraged me that it was a good thing to do with my radio commentary, etc and we even made a joke about him prescribing it for me to lift my mood, if nothing else.

Chesil Radio is a not for profit radio station and all run by volunteers including myself. I pay for my travel, accommodation, etc to cover meetings, however with the Weymouth Wildcats I have been lucky that they have usually given me a left there and back to meetings, but to give you some idea my trips this fortnight have cost around £500, put on my credit card to pay off over next couple of months.

Once again, the question comes why do it for the costs incurred and health issues. I do it for the fans, apart from trying to visit clubs that are within our normal broadcast areas, I try to pick those which are the furthest to travel or on awkward days in the week. It does mean time away from the station, but I know the hard work is appreciated.
We do have a page where you can buy me a beer which helps with these costs and those that know me, I love a good beer. And if you want me to do more meetings here is a place where the funds can be raised for me to go or just appreciate the broadcasts to keep up with your team. If you would like to donate please do via this link:
It only leaves me to say to all those people who have allowed me to do this fortnight, thank you. Special mention to Si Kellow, promoter of Kent Royals for endorsement of my press pass and I look forward to my next trip to Iwade and to you the reader for your support. I have had so much lovely feedback in a season that could have been the station’s last covering speedway, you have encouraged me to carry on and for that all I can say is thank you.

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