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10 Days Of Speedway Pleasure & Pain - Poole Pirates Press And Practice

Here’s part two of our Speedway Content from the past 10 days…
Arriving in Poole in plenty of time, but incredibly nervous. The reason being that my only other visits involved with the Weymouth Wildcats and was shooed away when the “Press” entered the pits during those visits and I will confess that on one occasion I cried, I wanted to be recognised the same way and today I was.
I was on the list twice for my entry, doubly sure I was getting in this time. Entering the front of the building and not from the pits a strange concept, but a large group of press, sponsors and season ticket holders all awaiting the arrival of the 2022 team.
The presentation although streamed, much of which we have captured, started with owners and worked our way through the teams introductions, with exception of Richard Lawson, who had taken poorly, but hoped to be well enough for Wednesdays first meeting.
Great enthusiasm from the lads, if not a little overwhelming for some of the newbies, they showed their Poole pride with smiley faces. Eager to show their bikes and skills on the track. Limitations of starting engines until 3pm. The sound and smell filled the indoor grandstand from the pits.
A great start for Poole’s season ahead, with riders walking the track as if it were a meetings to show the fans their skills and colours, which includes a Ukrainian flag on the arm, due to the current conflicts.
More to come on this great day in the coming articles…
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