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10 Days Of Speedway Pleasure & Pain - Poole Pirates REF Quiz

This is a brief round-up of the evening quiz at Poole Pirates Stadium, following the Press & Practice.
At the end of the Press event, I went back to my hotel to send pictures and write up the brief report, as I say more to follow from here with Kent & Poole Press & Practice.

But a side note was the evening event, which I was kindly invited to join the fans for, I knew that my speedway knowledge is not good enough for a quiz, so I decided to sit back and enjoy the others taking part with a couple of drinks. But boy was it worth it!!
I had been a little apprehensive on how Poole Pirates runs it's Press and Practice and sadly it only became apparent that the interviews were happening on the centre green where the photographers were snapping away until it was too late. Note for next season, eh?

Bumped into the lovely Tony Burchell, who has taken pictures with the Weymouth Wildcats and other teams, he has shared photos with us before and hope to share some of his professional pictures, however, I think I was the only press at the evening quiz night.

The event was in aid of Poole REF (Riders Equipment Fund) who pass donations onto the riders to help with their expenses. They work really hard for the Poole riders to help with those additional costs, especially after crashes, etc.

I stayed out of the way of the quizzers only to find the Cook Brothers walk in with their manager, Neil and stand next to me. I took the opportunity to grab some photos not posed, but more relaxed and as the evening went on more riders arrived. I got a picture I think with all of them who were there, enjoying the quiz and more importantly team building.

I felt more relaxed to walk round and properly introduce myself to Neil and gave him our card, and was very friendly and kind to chat after a very long day. A bonus we caught up with Sam Peters, one of Chesil Radio's sponsored riders, who had attended the quiz, just days before his 18th birthday.

The Poole Speedway REF is always looking for support, so for more information contact them direct: 01202 691143 or Tweet: @REFpoolepirates
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