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Tower Stuck Due To Power Outage

The Chesil Radio team was alerted to a power outage affecting most of Dorset. The power was off for about 2 hours on Monday afternoon, which affected several counties on the South Coast. Nikki of Chesil Radio, immediately recorded a Facebook Live to alert everyone of the latest information as she was unable to go live from her studio although the station was still running due to a remote play out system.

The power was lost due to an issue with the National Grid and affected up to 52,000 properties.

The Weymouth Jurassic Skyline visitor attraction was hit by the lack of electricity. It's passengers started their flight at 1215, and at 1330, when our station controller, Nikki Latham arrived she was told that attempts had been made to manually winch the pod down before the power was restored to Weymouth, but even when the power came back on at 1332, it took a little longer for the ride to move back down to the ground.

Nikki said: "When I arrived there was no one waiting to ride the Sealife Tower. I asked a member of staff who explained that they had been up there for some time, but had restored the air conditioning to the pod and it looked like the flight was not full and people had moved to an area which was not directly in the sun. It was a very warm day and I was told that everyone was ok up there."

Nikki decided to make her way down to the lollipop, as she affectionately calls it. She did not see any of the other media outlets present at the time that the pod was stuck and when the riders were finally brought down. After reaching the ground, she saw the relieved passenger faces that their ordeal was finally over. There appeared to be a couple of families with small children and luckily the pod was not full or it may have been even more uncomfortable than it could have been.

Additionally, during the power outage the traffic seemed to cope very well in the area even though there were no working lights on the road. However it brought many shops to a standstill in South Dorset due to there being no lighting or power to run electronic equipment.

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