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Weymouth Wildcats Vs Reading Racers In Eastbourne On Saturday Evening.

This promises to be one of the most exciting speedway meetings of the SDL season so far. Saturday evening sees a full strength Weymouth "Damers Blinds" Wildcats team at Eastbourne against the Reading Racers.

Captain Kenny Bowdery is back with his team, Luke Whitehead, Jamie Sealey and James Chattin. A complete change to the team that faced the Plymouth Demons on Friday night at Plymouth.

The Reading Racers were due to meet at Plymouth earlier in the season but the rain meant that this meeting has been re-scheduled until the 28th September.

The Reading Racers have a strong team to face the Wildcats including Dan Gilkes, as one person put it "probably the best youngster not in the national league" and William O'Keefe who was released by Plymouth last month is also hoping to shine at his new home.

Chesil Radio will be track side, a first for the station covering an away meeting not at Plymouth. Nikki Latham, Chesil Radio's Station Controller, who has become a regular fixture with the role says: "A huge thanks needs to go out to Martin and the Weymouth "Damers Blinds" Wildcats, who are going to enable us to get to Eastbourne and bring you the results. I am looking forward to getting as many interviews as usual for the build-up to the meeting that follows the National one and looking forward to meeting the Reading Racers team and management, however I will say that I will be a little biased as always with my commentary. I am always made to feel welcome by each team, however I do feel like part of the Wildcats family."

This will be the second outing in the same weekend for the Weymouth "Damers Blinds" Wildcats who return to Plymouth on Friday 8th September as the away team, subject to the weather of course, which has let them down a few times and caused a bit of a congestion of previous SDL meetings.

Please join us from 7pm until 10pm on Saturday 1st September for all the drama, excitement and interviews LIVE with you host John and Nikki once again track side.

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