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Weʼre Hoping To Raise £1,000 To Improve and Fund Live Coverage Of SDL Speedway Meetings On Chesil Ra

Chesil Radio is a not for profit online radio station which serves the coastal counties of the South & South West of England, UK. We have been live since September 2016 and have been involved in many things in the local area. We have met some fabulous people along the way but as our name becomes more known we get asked along to many more events, etc that we just cannot attend due to costs.

You may not be aware but even though we are online station we have many of the same costs that are associated with the day-to-day running as many of the big FM stations. We are fully licensed and we have to renew these costs on a yearly basis. Additional to that, when we attend the events it is at each of our presenter's costs. We cannot have advertising due to these licenses but can have events, shows, etc sponsored by local businesses. So we do not have the same revenue stream as them and hence our just giving page.

Earlier this year we were invited to attend a Speedway meeting with the Weymouth Wildcats, who are sadly having to race from the Plymouth track. As racing takes place on a Friday evening it makes it very difficult for fans to reach the venue which for those who don't know the area is a good 3 hours in a car from Weymouth in rush hour traffic (and our Nikki Latham often uses public transport that can take twice as long!). Additionally, when Nikki makes her own way not only is there transport costs but accommodation too as there is no train back to Weymouth after the racing finishes. There is also data costs to broadcast from the tracks, and other costs, which most people are not aware of. Also due to the time that Nikki has to leave to reach Plymouth sometimes due to the weather, the meetings are called off but the costs of transport and accommodation will have already been paid for and then have to be doubled up on a rescheduled date or even a third time as the weather has not been kind in 2017.

Nikki has be fortunate that where possible the Wildcats have assisted in getting her to and from the tracks to save money, but this is not always possible and we would like to be able to cover as many of the SDL (Southern Development League) meetings as possible for 2018.

Your support would be much appreciated. Any monies not used directly for the Speedway coverage will be used for the licensing and online costs that the law requires us to have to broadcast in the first place and without these we would not be able to bring the Speedway coverage.

For more information about Chesil Radio please visit our website: www.chesilradio.com or email: info@chesilradio.com

A big thank you in advance from the whole Chesil Radio team!

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