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Chesil Radio Visits Young Lions Speedway Training Day At The Smallbrook Stadium

It was also a pleasure that people were coming up and saying hello to her and to tell her how much they have enjoyed her interviews with the Wizard riders on Chesil Radio, including the Steph Whitlock interview that was repeated by listener request more than once. Nikki was also able to say hello to the Barry Bishop and his team at the ground, who she has only spoken to previously during shows over the phone.

The day was lovely with the sun shining on the stadium but Nikki was told that they had worked hard to get the track to race standard which was obvious from having visited the pits and surrounding areas which were very wet. It was lovely to smell the bikes whizzing round and can't wait for the season to start again. It was great to talk speedway again alongside the track and a big thank you to Barry and his team for making it a pleasure to visit the stadium and allowing us access to the pits.

Sadly, the event on Friday at Leicester with the Weymouth Wildcats team and others, was called to a halt early due to the weather as the track was too wet to ride on. Their guest, Tai Woffinden, was on hand to offer advice to the riders in the difficult conditions. Some riders had travelled some distance and that included Archie Cale.

Nikki caught up with Archie before he left for Leicester and was presented with a signed picture as a thank you for our sponsorship this year. Also she caught up with his dad Tim who she would like to thank for ferrying her across the island on Thursday to the stadium from the ferry and to her hotel.

The last The First Bend is on 24th February as we approach the new season and we hope to catch up with as many of the teams as possible. Nikki's next speedway outing is a double one starting at the Press Conference at Smallbrook Stadium on the 31st March followed by the Chesil Radio Challenge at Arlington Stadium in Eastbourne.

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