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Chesil Radio Needs Your Help

Chesil Radio is a non-for-profit online radio station which has been running since August 2016. One of the main reasons we started was to get local events covered which others don't. We are looking for flexible people with interests in their local area to cover events live and pre-recorded for the station's shows.

We have this year been already invited to the same events we attended last year and more. Also we are covering the speedway and as such our regular outside broadcast team is stretched as far as we can manage. The diary is packed with events that we have been invited to attend, which at the moment we are having to say sorry we can't do, which is a huge shame. We can do interviews from the studio live and pre-recorded but it is so much better to have someone on the ground bringing it to us live or as-live.

We are looking for people across our counties to make themselves available to cover these events. You will need a confident voice, a good mobile phone and some local knowledge. We can do the rest, even if you have never done it before, our Nikki has decades of experience to help you from what questions to ask, etc. There is no financial reward and costs are not covered but some of these events include free tickets to see theatre productions, free entry to venues, etc.

We will provide you (once you have completed a few events, etc) with a branded t-shirt and bright tabbard to show you are part of the team. We will also ask you to provide a picture so that you can be added to our team photos on the website. We are also happy if there is an event that we perhaps haven't heard about in your area to mention to us and see if we can cover that in some way.

We will require you to come to Weymouth (or Dorchester) for the day for a live interview and a little training with our Nikki before we let you loose on the public. And also when we have the carnival in August. But with this and the other carnivals across the counties you could find yourself linking up live to the studio on the day or recording an interview to be played out on the next live show. We have big plans for November's Rememberance Sunday, which although is a long way off still we would like those involved to get a few events under their belt beforehand.

You need to be over the age of 18 and either live or be able to travel at your cost in the counties of Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall or Somerset. You will also be willing to travel to Weymouth or Dorchester for a live interview/training day and be available for the Carnival in August, if possible. Drop us an email at: info@chesilradio.com for an informal over the phone interview with our station controller and for more information. We have an outside broadcast team pack which includes our station rules and guidelines which we can send out to you via email.

Where else are you going to get this sort of opportunity? Chesil Radio needs you.

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