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Your Chance To Sponsor A Local Radio Station

Do you love Chesil Radio? Or are you a business who would like to dip their toe in radio?

We have some opportunities to support Chesil Radio either via just our social media and/or shows themselves?

Chesil Radio is a not-for-profit online radio station that has been going from strength to strength over the past couple of years. We are the media partners of the Weymouth Wildcats speedway team and love speedway and great music. Keeping local with the news, weather, etc. We have the same licencing costs as an FM station, but additionally we have streaming costs, etc. And our outside broadcast team have to cover their own costs to attend events, etc. There are many hidden costs which are paid over the year for various things to keep the day to day running and all our team are volunteers, so costs are not going in wages.

We have various opportunities but due to our licencing restrictions we cannot do advertising on the station live but we have various things we can do around this to promote you and/or your business with sponsorship of the station.

The lowest package is known as Friends Of Chesil Radio. This is £5 a month for a mention on our website under supporters. If you have a business we are happy to link to this from your name. For £10 a month we will display a logo with it. But this package is also available to individuals who want to support the good work we do at the station.

Next level up is to sponsor one of our jukeboxes, one of our duo years, ie 1980-1981, 1982-1983, etc is just £20 a month, there is also the Top 100 Love Songs Of All Time available at this price. This will include a spoken word mention every 3 songs and an automated mention on our Twitter and Facebook feed. This package has a minimum initial payment for 2 months to cover the costs to have this recorded professionally for you.

We have other Jukeboxes available: No 1s Jukeboxes (3 of them to choose from) at £30 a month. (These play out during the week more than once).

Listener's Choice Chart & Jukebox - £40 a month. (This is for the fortnightly rundown and playout over several hours over the weekend. Minimum of 4 hours during the weekend. Includes a mention on the poll as well.

No2s/No3s/No4s/No5s Jukeboxes - £40 a month. (These play out twice a day in the week and over the weekend in selected slots)

Smooth Rock Jukebox - £40 a month. (Played out every night including weekends)

All of these jukeboxes are the same as the previous level, that a 2 month initial payment will be required to set up the jukebox with a professionally recorded voice over, played out every 3 songs and automated mention on Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Live shows start at £50 per month. It will depend on the regularity of the shows and who is presenting on what these costs will be. You will have a professionally recorded voice over and the presenter will say the show is sponsored/supported by company name or person regularly at the top of each live hour. There is always a back-up of many of these live shows where your voice over will be played every 3 songs in the absence of a presenter or technical issue in the studio. You will also have a website logo on our website of supporters.

Speedway coverage and The First Bend shows are the premier packages and you will need to contact us about these. We can attend other MDL/SDL meetings, provided they do not clash with Weymouth Wildcats meetings, and our team will do our usual Speedway show with live action commentary, this can be sponsored but will be considerably more than our Wildcats show, which is also available for sponsorship, due to transport and accommodation costs of our team to get to the stadium for example.

All standard packages start with a minimum of 2 months to start. The Speedway meetings can be done on a meeting by meeting basis, but the longer the run we will be able to offer discounts on some of the packages for 12 months continuous contracts. In exceptional circumstances it may take a month to set up the jukeboxes with their voice overs. Your first month would not start until this was in place for you. This would give you the date of when your payment would be due if monthly paying, two months in first instance.

Terms and conditions will apply when supporting/sponsoring the station, for more information contact Nikki or John at: info@chesilradio.com for more information on this exciting opportunity.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Chesil Radio family.

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