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Surprise Step Up To National League For Weymouth Wildcats Captain Jordan Bull

The meeting at Plymouth on the 1st June 2018 was a eventful one for the Wildcats Captain Jordan Bull. His first meeting since celebrating his 17th birthday and a return to his home track having ridden for the Plymouth SDL team last season.

A last minute ask for Jordan to step up to the National League to ride for the Plymouth side was accepted enthusiastically. Originally asked to step into the No 8 as the meeting started and was quickly moved up to No 4 when Bradley Andrews shoulder injury ruled him out of racing. Sadly, due to this last minute change he was unable to get his bike out on the track for his first heat, although everyone was around him trying to get him out, so was excluded.

The second heat he was taking part in he was ready to go, but the nerves and adrenalin got the better of him at the start. But his third heat, with a calmer mind, he took the opportunity in his stride with him completing his first National League heat. He rode well and although finished last he was not that far off the pace.

Jordan had been training since his last Wildcats meeting and had been racing well, so was ready for his SDL races at a track he knows so well. The National League opportunity left him very tired and knew he had an extra heat in the SDL due to last minute withdrawal of Luke Barnes. However, he was tired from the excitement of his debut, but was ready to lead his team on the first heat of the 2nd half between Exeter and Weymouth.

He came off at the first bend with the bike landing on his leg. He was excluded, although the Chesil Radio commentary saw things a little differently, he was against the air fence being attended by the paramedics, with co-promoter Martin Peters and also his dad by his side, he was assisted off the track to be assessed and sadly brought his meeting to an end with a leg injury. He was still buzzing and I don't think the full impact of the injury hit until he tried to ride the next day.

Jordan explained after that he was tired as he had been completing a heavy college workload along with training. But was elated that he had taken his first steps into the National League. His dad was bursting with pride at his son and was able to tell him that he was close to receiving rider of the meeting for his efforts.

Jordan would like to thank his sponsors: Glulam Supplies Ltd (Southampton), Dorset Timber Engineering Ltd, Wolf Systems, Dove Developments, Bryan Goss Motorcycles and S D Richards Building Contractors for helping him towards his journey so far and in the future. Jordan also wanted to thank Martin of the Weymouth "Damers Blinds" Wildcats and ourselves at Chesil Radio for helping him progress as a rider and of course, the spectators and the team at the St Boniface Arena.

Although it looks like his injury will sideline him riding for a couple of weeks, he hopes to get back on the bike in time for the next meeting which is at home in Eastbourne on the 16th June against Kent. We should also see the return of the Fellows cousins after their exams.

The meeting result against Exeter is pretty insignificant as there were some heats that no Wildcats were racing so was just the Exeter Falcons riding round grabbing the points. But note should be made of Connor Fletcher, who rode superbly and a thank you to Kean Dicken, who had ridden in the National League for Belle Vue who helped the Wildcats team compete. There is a restriction of a maximum of 4 races in the SDL meeting so both Connor and Kean rode brilliantly hitting their maximum number of rides, resulting in sadly Connor having bike problems in his last heat.

Jordan did attend the meeting on the Saturday that he mentioned in his post-meeting interview, but was in some pain, however fellow Wildcat Luke Barnes went on to win a trophy for his final (Shown Above), although he also injured himself at the Saturday event. We wish Jordan and Luke a speedy recovery. Also a get well soon to Martin who hurt himself at the Plymouth track pushing out Jordan and keeping the medics busy.

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