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Young Wildcats Team Gain Further Experience With A Double Bill Of Speedway

This weekend saw a double bill of Speedway here on Chesil Radio with the Weymouth "Damers Blinds" Wildcats.

Starting with the SDL clash at home at the Arlington Stadium in Eastbourne against Kent. Kent went out with a strong team, leading the way with Andrew Palmer, who won the Chesil Radio Challenge at Eastbourne at the beginning of the season, with James Laker, who we spoke to just before the meeting briefly, Jacob Clouting and Alex Spooner.

The Wildcats had a last minute change as unfortunately Luke Barnes had van problems, so missed out on a birthday weekend of bikes for him, and replaced with Max Pankhurst, who rode in Weymouth Select against Reading, in the two-man win a few

weeks ago. Completing the line-up was Connor Fletcher, Jake Fellows and Bailey Fellows. The Fellows cousins were returning to the track after taking a break for their exams.

Heat 1

Max Pankurst - 3 - Time: 68.3

Jacob Clouting - 2

Connor Fletcher - 1

Andrew Palmer - 0

Heat 2

Alex Spooner - 3 - Time: 64.5

James Laker - 2

Jake Fellows - 1

Bailey Fellows - 0

Heat 3

Alex Spooner - 3 - Time: 64.2

Max Pankhurst - 2

James Laker - 1

Connor Fletcher - 0

Heat 4

Andrew Palmer - 3 - Time: 65.3

Jacob Clouting - 2

Bailey Fellows - 1

Jake Fellows - 0

Heat 5

Alex Spooner - 3 - Time: Unknown

Jacob Clouting - 2

Bailey Fellows - 1

Connor Fletcher - 0

Heat 6

Max Pankhurst - 3 - Time: 66.2

James Laker - 2

Jake Fellows - 1

Andrew Palmer - 0

Result: Weymouth Wildcats : 13 Kent Kestrels: 23

Onto Peterborough on the Sunday, for the second meeting of the weekend. This was billed as the Battle Of The Cats at the East Of England Arena against the MDL side, Peterborough Thundercats.

Another change due to Luke Barnes transportation issues, brought James Jessop into the side at a track for him is his nearest and his dad's team, Peterborough Panthers ride. JJ was due to be presenting with Chesil Radio but was eager to take Luke's slot to ride ahead of commentating.

This meeting was abandoned when the Thundercats Dan Gilkes was injured in the last heat, resulting in a broken shoulder, and we wish him a speedy recovery, as a star of the future who will have time to recover but could be missing for the forthcoming clash for the Wildcats against Reading Racers, who he also rides for in the SDL.

The meeting was abandoned as there was no way back for the Wildcats as at the time it was stopped, each heat had been a 5-1 win for the Thundercats.

On a personal note from Nikki Latham, our speedway commentator: "It was an exhausting weekend for all and disappointing at Peterborough. As always at Eastbourne, we had some technical issues in the broadcast as unfortunately overcast days seem to affect our signal and is not very strong anyway. As you all know my maths can be questionable, but allows for the listener to enjoy the meeting and add up when there is a break in proceedings as the second half races are in very quick succession there. It was great to see the Fellows or as we call them "the Goodfellows" back on the track after their exam break.

"I would like to thank Peterborough for accommodating Chesil Radio in their press box, which I had been looking forward too. I was accompanied by other press agencies who were not interested in the the second half, and had assured me that they would move off to allow us to have unrestricted view. The press box has a big girder blocking the view of the first and second bend from the press window which can be seen past in other prime viewing positions. As we went live, they appeared to stay, which initially I was pleased to see, but knew I was broadcasting live and I am so pleased the listeners did not hear their comments during the broadcast and then I was happy they did disappear after first two heats. It was upsetting for me as I know the commitment that the Wildcats put in. If this is how those who report the higher leagues of speedway see the development leagues and their riders, I am not surprised that people don't come along to meetings. The MDL and SDL are there for riders to develop, the name is in the league's title, there are some riders who are more developed than others and the disparaging comments made by these men was disappointing to hear from those experienced media outlets. Chesil Radio loves covering the meetings in the SDL, watching the teams grow, spotlighting the teams and highlighting their growth both as a team and as individuals."

Nikki added: "I may not be a speedway expert but I am happy with Chesil Radio to support the speedway development leagues and only makes me want to do more and for me to learn and develop too. It upset me at the time and disappointed in the lack of support. I hope this was an isolated incident or the personal opinions of these individuals and not of their employers."

The Wildcats have a busy month ahead with Saturday as the next clash at Eastbourne again against Reading Racers, who also call Eastbourne home. Coverage from 7pm on Saturday on Chesil Radio.

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