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Dog Friendly - Weymouth’s Call For Support

It was a cold Tuesday night but Dog Friendly (Weymouth) decidedly was time to take action and create a committee to face the issues created by the changes in local government. The Public Space Protection Order was due for renewal but due to the changes at a local level this order was one that was to rollover until the new authorities took over. It was clear there were many discrepancies with the evidence used to stop dogs using the beach at the restricted times and Linda Stevenson needed more help. At a very early stage a basic committee was formed, including our Nikki offering her support from Chesil Radio.

It was a way to move forward with uniting dog owners with those who did not have pets, and hoped that the committee would help reach the divide that clearly their appears to be on those who wish to walk their dogs all year round.

Dog Friendly Chairperson - Linda Stevenson (Below)

It was also an opportunity to cement a good friendly group’s aims and objectives which the Doghouse Micro Pub hosted after hours. Although there was clearly much further the group could go in future, the groundwork had been made.

Finally Chesil Radio was asked at the end of meeting if we would like to cover their events. Nikki was happy to accept and look forward to working with this group in the future.

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