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2024 Relationship Trends (As Reported By Married Dating App Ashley Madison)

Again we are sent survey from Ashley Madison, the married dating app. Gen Z seems to be very active...

Trend 1: Rise in Non-Monogamous Relationships: In 2023, Gen Z is leading the trend of signing up for Ashley Madison, a popular married dating site, despite most not being married. This shift reflects a societal move towards non-monogamous relationships over traditional monogamy. Surveys show a significant increase in the number of people considering or preferring non-monogamous relationships in markets like the US, UK, Germany, and Spain. This trend is driven by a growing acceptance of diverse needs and desires.

Trend 2: Femme Freedom: Women are challenging monogamy stigmas and embracing sexual freedom. Studies show women are often more sexually adventurous than men, with many leading the shift towards open relationships. Surveys from Ashley Madison reveal that female members are three times more likely than male members to have always been non-monogamous. This trend is reflected in the increasing number of women in open relationships compared to men. Women are breaking traditional norms by openly expressing their sexual preferences and seeking satisfaction on their own terms.

Trend 3: The Profile Renaissance: Online daters are now putting more effort into creating detailed profiles to better showcase their interests and beliefs. Data from Ashley Madison shows a 178% increase in members including hobbies in their profiles from 2022 to 2023. Popular hobbies listed in 2023 include 'Music', 'Strip Poker', 'Romantic Walks', 'Cooking', and 'The Outdoors'.

Trend 4: Amour, Metamour!: More people are embracing polyamorous relationships, with 27% of Gen Z, 19% of millennials, 24% of Gen Xers, and 25% of Boomers preferring this relationship style, according to an Ashley Madison survey. Eighty percent of Ashley Madison members believe it's possible to love more than one person at once, with 66% having experienced this themselves. Psychologist and Couples Therapist Lara Ferreiro notes an increase in couples opening their relationships to explore new experiences and desires. This shift reflects a growing acceptance of open relationships in society.

Research indicates polyamory is the new 2024 relationship frontier, with Gen Z and women leading the way in its exploration. Polyamory is a relationship style that involves consensually engaging in multiple romantic or sexual relationships at the same time. This trend is gaining popularity among younger generations, particularly Gen Z, who are more open to exploring non-traditional relationship dynamics. Additionally, women are increasingly embracing polyamory as a way to prioritize their own desires and needs in relationships. This shift towards polyamory reflects a broader cultural movement towards greater acceptance of diverse relationship structures and a rejection of traditional monogamous norms. As society becomes more open-minded and accepting of different ways of loving and connecting with others, polyamory is likely to continue to grow in popularity as a legitimate and fulfilling relationship option for many individuals.

Well, as is typical with these surveys, they only seem to target users of married dating apps for their data. I must admit, I don't necessarily agree with the perspectives shared by the author.

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