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A Local’s Lunch To Die For - Les Enfants Terribles

Today our Nikki was able to partake of the Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles Local Lunch deal which returned this week and again for certain dates in June.

She has always wanted to try the restaurant, but the deal for the Locals Lunch was an offer to good to pass up. Here at Chesil Radio we are happy to support businesses who don’t forget that outside of summer we are their bread and butter and this food was so much more than bread and butter!

The lunchtime was a sunny day, just too warm for our Nikki to sit out but was given a window seat and although baking outside it was a pleasant respite from the heat without the light winds with the temperature of the restaurant perfect to enjoy lunch.

The set menu of the Locals Lunch was perfect for a lunch served freshly cooked to perfection, plenty of choices for all and an opportunity to try something new for our Nikki and at a cost that although a treat, wasn’t going to break the bank.

Les Enfants Terrible started by a meeting on holiday with Eric, the owner and chef and Joanna in Cardiff. Eric was already working at a same named restaurant on Megeve in France and a whirlwind romance developed into a trip around the world. Eric has worked in top restaurants and hotels across the world and they have lived in some exotic locations such as New Zealand and the UAE. Jointly they chose Weymouth as the perfect destination to put down roots and open their own Les Enfants Terrible restaurant.

You can see from the decor and the ambience of the venue that that true French feel to the building with the advantage of both inside and outside seating. Our Nikki was offered the option, but took the indoor window seating. Although eating alone, she was made to feel very welcome and the custom was brisk with bookings and walk-ins.

Nikki chose as a starter the snails. Something that she last tasted when she was 18. She was not disappointed with the taste lightly garlic flavoured and cooked to perfection. The obligatory posh gadget to hold them turned up with the snails and not really knowing how to use that opted of the fingers, it did however remind her of Pretty Woman’s Julia Roberts and didn’t want to perform that particular scene, but did put a smile on her face of the thought. They slipped down lovely and the bread was beautiful that accompanied it.

Main course had to be the chef special, Baked Filet of Sea Bass in foil with leaks, carrots, fennel, thyme and pouilly fume served with Garlic baby potatoes. The potatoes came as a side dish and once again was delicately flavoured with garlic. It was our Nikki’s first taste of sea bass, which in the past has put her off on other menus because of bones, but this filleted fish was beautiful cooked and with chef’s recommendation to eat from the foil kept the fish warm throughout eating, the vegetables were soft and tender and the overall meal filled her lovely without sitting heavy on the stomach. The fish was soft and although given a fish knife again was one of those times that she felt the ordinary knife and fork sufficiently suitable.

The desert course was selected as crème brûlée served as an extra Sauternes. Now Nikki had never heard of sauternes before and with a bit of research before found out it was a sweet dessert wine, this was served in an a shot glass and complemented the crème brûlée perfectly even though she had been drinking Doom Bar.

Doom Bar was probably the heaviest part of the meal. Nikki’s original drink choice was not available, so reverted to the old faithful drink.

It was a lovely treat for our Nikki to taste this menu, the staff were attentive but not overly so, there was no rushing you with your meal (even to the point that she had just put last mouthful of my main, keenly spotted by the staff but they left her to savour the taste before approaching to take the plate away, in many places as soon as knife and fork are down they are whipping the plate away), they were friendly and the chef, Eric took time out to say hello and again while enjoying my main course and those personal touches were for all customers new or old.

The personal touches made the meal more pleasant and our Nikki said: “Before I went in I was a bit apprehensive as it appears to be a very posh restaurant, but inside I was made to feel as welcome as new customer as their regulars. The food was amazing and I will go back with family and friends in the future.”

Overall, Nikki walked away feeling full, but not uncomfortably so, the service was amazing and the food to die for. Nikki adds: “I will certainly be back and I won’t wait another few decades for snails again!”

For details of the Locals Lunch menu visit Restaurant Les Enfants Terrible Facebook page as there are some dates in June. But if you do miss out on the deal, it is certainly well worth a visit any time of the year inside or out.

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