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A Spooky 7 In 10 Brits Are Convinced Ghosts Are Real

Are you afraid of the dark? Do you get spooked easily? You're not alone! Seven out of ten Brits believe in ghosts, spirits, and apparitions. One in five even think their own house is haunted!

A recent study uncovered some chilling facts: 30% of people think their town is haunted, and 17% have been scared by local ghost stories.

Have you ever seen a ghostly figure at the end of your bed? 15% of Brits have! And 9% have felt a sudden chill out of nowhere.

But it's not all bad - half of those surveyed believe ghostly presences are friendly. However, 38% have seen something that truly unnerved them.

Don't be scared to go to the loo in a creepy house - you're not alone! And if your partner's place gives you the creeps, you're not the only one who's broken up over a spooky living situation.

Let us know about any of your spooky experiences and we can share them on Chesil Radio....

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