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ALARM bells still ringing for local roads in the South West of England

The South West of England is facing a dire situation with nearly half of its local roads at risk of failing within the next 15 years. The staggering cost to fix the backlog of repairs has reached an all-time high of £2.51 billion in the region, according to the latest ALARM survey.

Local authorities are struggling to keep up with the maintenance of our roads due to lack of funds, leading to poor road conditions that impact our daily lives. From costly damage to vehicles to safety concerns for cyclists and pedestrians, the consequences of neglected roads are significant.

Despite the efforts to fill in potholes and improve surface conditions, the scale of the problem is overwhelming. With over 107,000 miles of local roads in need of rebuilding, urgent action is required to address this pressing issue. It's time for authorities to prioritize funding and resources to ensure the safety and quality of our road network.

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