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Allied Forces Day 2 In Weymouth

This was the more solemn day today of the three days, but also mixed with pride...

The chance to applaud the veterans and also cheer on the cadets. This year going all out with 5 bands. The Royal British Legion band which brought through the cadets were probably the best in our opinion. But all received claps and cheers as they marched along the seafront.
The Rev'd Brian Ellis (Mayor's Chaplain) led the service at the Cenotaph, near the pier approach, and there were some technical issues with the tannoy system, which mean the veterans were not able to hear the commands, but in true military style there was a back-up plan.
The South Wales Police Band, led the musical arrangements during the service, and led the specially invited guests to the viewing platform, and for the veterans to salute. Followed by 4 bands leading the veterans quick march down the road along the promenade.
The wreath laying was carried out, but they were battling the wind, the poor girl who was at the front of the wreath team had to keep marching forward to straighten them into the holder to avoid them blowing away.
The entertainment continued with a proper parade of the military vehicles, with more in attendance than yesterday, and another opportunity to view the vehicles and listen to the bands on the Weymouth Pavilion forecourt.
Tomorrow, sees the official raising of the Armed Forces Day Flag at the Weymouth Council Buildings and of course, Chesil Radio will be there to bring that to you, to close the Allied Forces Weekend.
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