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Another 3 Speedway Stars Join Chesil's Sponsorship

As you may remember we announced our first 3 riders that Chesil Radio is involved in sponsoring, Dan Gilkes, James Jessop and Chris Watts. Since then Dan has been signed up additionally for Peterborough in the premiership. But we have another three up and coming speedway stars who we are sponsoring this season. Again we are sponsoring, Sam Peters, who we have known for many years, and even before he got his big place on the Weymouth Wildcats team as their mascot. He has been riding throughout the last couple of years at every opportunity and this should be his year to shine.

Above Sam Peters

Once again, we are sponsoring James Laker, definitely a rider that should be in the National League, but continues to put his effort into riding, sadly an injury saw his NORA experience cut short last season, but is raring to go again this one.

Above James Laker

And a newbie to Chesil Radio, Jamie Willis, he will be involved in the second halves at Kent, stepping up to management, but also riding is a vital part of his team building, yet to hear their team name yet, but we will certainly be catching up with him trackside and introducing you to him on our next First Bend show in the coming weeks.

Above Jamie Willis

As always we wish all the riders good luck and a safe ride for the season ahead. We are sure there will be more faces added yet.

As Weymouth Wildcats media partners, we have Martin Peters live on Tuesday morning just after 8am, talking about the Wildcats and their meetings arranged on the Isle Of Wight this season, and as soon as we know the dates that Chesil Radio are able to cover speedway and various teams this year, we will let you know.
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