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Are Brits Overwhelmed By Buttons & Settings When It Comes To Their Boilers?

Many Brits are clueless about their central heating system and are afraid to change the settings.

A survey last year, found that almost half of boiler owners don't confidently know how it works, and over half would struggle to adjust the settings.

The main confusion arises when trying to personalise the system, with 40% giving up when faced with unfamiliar symbols.

A whopping 71% believe they waste money on heating due to their lack of understanding. Despite recent cost of living increases, people tend to leave their heating on 24/7 instead of figuring out the timer settings. This leads to concerns about wasted energy and high bills.

More than half have resorted to searching online for symbol meanings.

Surprisingly, 59% have accidentally left their boiler on after boosting it, happening about four times a month on average.

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