• John Latham

Back In The Doghouse...

Our Nikki was pleased to return to The Doghouse today, with the doors re-opened with their new cold room constructed to keep those beers even more tip top.
The Doghouse Micro Pub on Great George Street has been closed for just over a month for the construction to take place. This will allow Dave and Ruddles to maintain a good quality control and allows more space for beers and ciders too during those busy summer months, kept at a cool and maintained temperature.
The Doghouse is Weymouth's only micro pub and has become an established home for real ale fans across Dorset and further afield. Making CAMRA's guide this year for the first time.
Dave Jobling, the owner of The Doghouse Micro Pub said of the new cool room: "It's ace and I'm looking forward to welcoming back our customers."
Ruddles added: "Woof!!", who also seemed pleased to have the customers back to play ball with. Nikki got a fabulous greeting from Ruddles on arrival at the pub earlier today, as does all customers who visit his establishment.
It seems the space has been well used and the flooring has been replaced around the whole bar area too. This follows on from the lockdown improvements in the public flooring in the bar, which has a bar clip floor area near the serving area and toilet, something incredible to see.

Some may notice an alien rising from a couple of the barrels in our pictures taken today, for those with a little real ale knowledge, this replaces the hard and soft spiles, helping to keep the quality of the beer from the first pint to the last exactly the same. Quality beer at quality prices, as always and for those of a different palate, don't worry they still have all their ciders, wine, mead, spirits and selection of soft drinks, including tea or coffee in the doggie mugs.

The Doghouse Micro Pub is open Tuesday to Saturday, at the moment, with the opening hours and days changing with the seasons, so check out their page: http://www.weymouthmicropub.co.uk/ before visiting.

And what better reason to say that you are in The Doghouse....
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