• Nikki Latham

Band Of The Month On Chesil Radio Is ... Balance Of Power

As a regular listener of Chesil Radio, you will hear our presenters talking about Balance Of Power.

The band is a group of 5 very hard working musicians, who this year you will see across some of the South West's festivals, including Fancy's Farm Festival on Portland on 9th July and many dates this year at Finns in Weymouth.
We have followed this band for many years and do so as we know we will get a very good night out, fully entertained and singing along with the rock classics we all know.
Chesil Radio has a local music show at the weekend that Balance Of Power have been a part of for some time, but their new tracks are simply amazing. Our Nikki's favourite from the latest releases is The Final Countdown. It's a tune that uplifts and everyone knows the words to sing along with.

These new recordings have brought the band's talent to the forefront of people's minds when looking for classic 80s rock tribute bands. Do not miss a chance to catch their tracks on Chesil Radio or even better one of the gigs in the future as live they are awesome, don't just take our word for it, next date is 3rd June at Finns in Weymouth.

For more details of Balance Of Power: http://www.balanceofpower.co.uk
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