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Best Sleep Practice To Help Get ZZZZZZ's

The latest Sleep Census survey unveils shocking stats: a third of people feel unproductive, while over a fifth have strained relationships due to sleep deprivation. Yikes!

But wait, there's more! Nearly a quarter of Brits are surviving on a mere five hours of sleep per night, falling way short of the recommended seven-eight. No wonder we're all feeling a bit groggy!

It's not just our energy levels taking a hit. Lack of sleep is wreaking havoc on our confidence too. A whopping 21% of folks admit sleep deprivation makes them doubt their appearance, abilities, and decision-making skills. Talk about a nightmare!

So, what's keeping us up at night? Blame it on binge-watching (19%), financial stress (17%), and work worries (15%). Time to hit the snooze button on these sleep stealers.

Just 9% sleep soundly, while 91% endure prolonged disturbances! Instead of drifting back to dreamland, a staggering 41% of nocturnal awakeners turn to screens, with over a fifth diving into emails and 15% indulging in late-night online banking or shopping (13%). But wait, there's more! Some night owls opt for productive endeavours, like tidying the house (8%) under the moon's glow.

This eye-opening survey also reveals a lack of bedtime routines: a whopping 59% have mismatched sleep schedules on weekdays and weekends, and 20% frequently doze off on the couch, sabotaging their slumber quality. It's not just sleep that suffers; careers and relationships take a hit too. 14% admit to tardiness at work, while 9% have called in sick due to sleep deprivation.

Additionally, poor sleep affects intimacy for 13% and even leads to cancelling social plans with partners (14%).

Some top tips:

1. Maintain a consistent bedtime routine by reducing stimulation and avoiding digital devices before sleep. Sleep in the same place and avoid napping before bedtime. Establish a simple routine like having a hot drink or doing relaxing activities.

2. Stick to a regular sleep schedule throughout the week to avoid sleep disruptions and fatigue. Set a daily alarm to go to bed and aim for consistent wake-up times. If socializing on weekends, wake up no later than one hour past your usual weekday wake time. Take a short power nap between noon and 3 pm if needed.

3. Deal with night time worries by journaling and identifying controllable and uncontrollable factors. Label financial worries and mentally redirect them to a filing system instead of getting trapped in repetitive thinking.

4. Improve your sleep environment with these five essentials:

a) Darken your bedroom by using shutters, blackout blinds, or wearing an eye mask to signal your body that it's time to sleep. Turn off unnecessary lights.

b) Maintain a cool room temperature of around 16-17 degrees Celsius. Layer your bedding for easy temperature adjustment and turn off central heating at night.

c) Choose a comfortable mattress and pillow that suit your preferences in terms of firmness, size, and material.

d) Reduce noise in your bedroom by using sound-absorbing furnishings like rugs and heavy curtains. Consider using earplugs or white noise if needed.

e) Improve air quality by having detoxifying plants like aloe vera, keeping the window open or using a fan for ventilation, and avoiding drying clothes in the bedroom.

5. Try body scan meditation for quicker sleep: If you find yourself awake in bed for a while, try practicing a simple meditation technique. Acknowledge that you are awake and focus your attention on the sensations where your body touches the bed. Whenever your mind wanders, gently bring your focus back to the bed. Staying in bed and resting conserves energy, aids physical repair, and helps consolidate memories.

This eye-opening poll, sponsored by Twinings, highlights the urgent need for a good night's sleep. Don't let sleep deprivation drag you down – it's time to reclaim your Zzzs!

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