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Border Force Launch Campaign Not To Visit Overseas Orphanages

The #EndOrphanageTourism campaign aims to raise awareness about the harmful effects of orphanage tourism and educate travellers on more ethical ways to support vulnerable children in developing countries. The campaign highlights the fact that many children living in orphanages are not actually orphans, but are separated from their families due to poverty, trafficking, or other reasons. By visiting and donating to orphanages, tourists may unknowingly perpetuate a harmful cycle that exploits children for financial gain.

Border Force officers are actively discouraging tourists from participating in orphanage tourism, and are providing information on alternative ways to support vulnerable children, such as donating to reputable charities or volunteering with community-based organisations. The campaign also emphasizes the importance of conducting thorough research before engaging with any organizations that claim to support orphaned or vulnerable children.

Through this campaign, the partners hope to empower travellers to make more informed and responsible choices when it comes to supporting children in need overseas. By raising awareness about the complexities of orphanage tourism, they aim to create a more sustainable and ethical approach to supporting vulnerable children in developing countries.

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