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Brits are complete ‘airheads’ when it comes to indoor air pollution

A study by Dyson has found that many Brits have a lack of knowledge when it comes to indoor air pollution.

The research revealed that 39% of adults assume there is no air pollution in their homes as long as they feel clean.

Furthermore, 67% were unaware of the possible health risks, with 81% dismissing the impact on heart disease. The study also found that 17% of respondents never consider the consequences of letting in pollution when opening windows or doors for fresh air.

When asked about terms associated with pollution, 49% selected fossil fuels, 43% chose personal transport, and 31% linked it with manufacturing processes.

To combat indoor air pollution, 65% of those with an issue keep rooms well ventilated, 49% vacuum regularly, and 32% have switched to roll-on deodorant.


  1. Fossil fuels (e.g. oil, natural gas)

  2. Personal transport (e.g. cars, trains, planes)

  3. Manufacturing processes

  4. Cities

  5. Single use plastics

  6. Transport of goods

  7. Aerosols and CFCs

  8. E-waste (e.g. batteries, laptops, phones, hard drives)

  9. Natural processes (e.g. volcanic activity)

  10. Agriculture - animals

Research conducted by OnePoll  from April 2023 - 2000 people UK representative polled.

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