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  • John Latham

Brits Full Of Good Intentions To Save The Planet

It takes 13 days on average for an adult to give up sustainable habits - with meat-free days being the first to be ditched.

Meat-loving Brits only manage a plant-based diet for 12 days. But those eco-friendly products are something we keep for longer, although that starts to wane after 15 days.

This is according to a recent poll, carried out by OnePoll just before Christmas for Utilita's Planet Pledge campaign.

Many other going green measures slip within days of good intentions, including boiling the water only when needed and remembering to use the food waste bin, lasts just 2 weeks. Walking short distances rather than driving and cutting down on tumble dryer use is not much better.
Some of the poll respondents used the excuses that trying to maintain a green lifestyle was "pointless" and 55% felt they hadn't felt positive about their changes they had made. 3 in 10 say it was simply too expensive to live as sustainably as they would like.

So if you are struggling for the motivation to go green, you are not alone, but a small new habit like switching off an appliance at the plug or turning off the water when brushing your teeth, might be the things you can do to help.
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