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Buses Withdrawn In Weymouth

First Buses have announced the withdrawal of two of their services in Weymouth in the coming months.

The Service 9/9A to Wyke Regis was on trial over the past three months, following the withdrawal of the service from South West Buses, unfortunately the demand has not been enough to maintain this service, which will end in May.

The long standing Service 3 to Westham, has been used less over the past 12 months, and has been plagued by delays with badly parked vehicles on the route, and this service will be removed also.

Chesil Radio approached First Buses to ask about these decisions and a spokesperson said: "Our service 9/9A to Wyke Regis has been on trial for the last 3 months to measure patronage and interest in the service. However, unfortunately demand has not been sufficient to support the cost to run the service commercially resulting in a difficult decision being made to withdraw it in May this year.

“Our service 3 to Westham has been in decline for over 12 months and without financial support, once again we have had to make the difficult decision to withdraw it from service. “We will be reallocating our resource’s to support our operation in Weymouth as the summer months approach and demand starts to increase in the town, full details of the upcoming changes to services will be available to view on our website over the coming weeks." There has been a shortage of drivers for some time, as we have all experienced cancellations in the timetables over the past few months, and they have been actively advertising for them. The latest timetable information is available at:

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