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  • Nikki Latham

CHESIL EXCLUSIVE: Weymouth Carnival Prize Draw Takes Place At The Three Chimneys

The Weymouth Carnival CIC are hoping to bring back the Carnival in 2024. Weymouth has hosted carnivals for over a century, with a few exceptions during the pandemic.

A new committee has been formed in August 2022, and are confident that all will be in place for Summer 2024. Initial fees have been paid for the event's insurance, a grant application to the National Lottery and a fundraising team formed, of which the prize draw is a small part of.

Although a massive challenge, the team are getting geared up for this, and are eager to bring back the Weymouth Carnival in its glory. In the past transparency, has overshadowed recent years efforts, so we look forward to hearing from the committee on a regular basis updating their progress towards their goal.

This afternoon, as the only media team present, Chesil Radio popped along to The Three Chimneys in Weymouth to observe and film the prize draw. There were many great prizes up for grabs and was a pleasure to meet some of the team again, that our Nikki had met in the rain previously, and they have been out fundraising in around Weymouth in the past few weeks and was good to be in the warmth of The Three Chimneys bar for the draw itself and some prizes donated too.

The lucky prize winners were drawn by "Lady" Claus and were telephoned by the Vice-Chairman, John Simpson as soon as the draw was completed. You can hear how much approximately has been raised from this draw at the end of the video.

Chesil Radio looks forward to supporting this good cause in the future and wish them all the best.

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