• Nikki Latham


It's creeping up to Chesil Radio's birthday at the end of the month... and we need your help!

Unlike previous birthdays, we are actually going to give our team time off to celebrate, but we want you to send in your messages via voice recordings or videos (which the sound may also be sampled) to play out over the birthday week. If you need any help doing this give us a shout!

The message can be just a simple "Happy Birthday Chesil Radio" or could be for one of our presenters who you like to tune into. We don't mind if you mention your organisation and/or company name on the happy birthday but we can't have an advert attached to it.

All the submissions will be screened and listened to before broadcast and as always we ask that you don't swear on them, but apart from that fill ya boots, the best submission, will win a prize (yet to be decided!). They must be with us by Sunday 21st August, but the sooner we hear them, the more likely they are to be added to be played out on the radio and on our social media.

And those who feel a bit artistic and would like to send us something for our visual side, we are also looking for the best one of those for a small prize too.

We will announce the overall winner early September, but help us celebrate with our Birthday in style.

All submissions must be emailed with permission to use on the station and for further information email: info@chesilradio.com

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