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CHESIL RADIO EXCLUSIVE: The Veteran Hub Lads Made Their Marvellous Journey And Their Triumphant Home

We welcomed back the Veterans Hub lads back from their cycle trip from Weymouth to France, with their special stops along the way. They came back to the place they all started from just 6 days before, minus one who they lost on their way back, all will be explained, and led the way by Wayne again and good to see Andy on a bike, as he had van duties when they departed.
The lads set off from the Jubilee Clock and only fitting that should be (almost!) the finish line again, on Saturday morning, with an arrival time of just before midday expected Chesil Radio was there to welcome them back and if it wasn't for Weymouth traffic lights they would have made it dead on. They seemed so happy to finish the mammoth effort, and we captured that moment and share it here again.
Wayne led the team in onto the esplanade and although the weather was kinder than their departure from Weymouth, they stopped briefly with us, to then head onto Leo's (one of their sponsors, who kindly sponsored the van) to meet other family and friends as they arrived. We were pleased to be able to alert them of their impending arrival too.
We will be chatting again to Wayne and Andy about the trip once they have had chance to recover, but we thank them for inviting us along to see them off and their return. The pictures of their trip give a flavour of their adventures and we will be asking them all about their trip next Saturday.
You can still donate: There was a small technical glitch at the beginning of the journey that meant some donations were refunded in error. If you have had a refund during the past week for a donation that you made, we would ask if you would be so kind to donate again.
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