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CHESIL RADIO EXCLUSIVE: Veterans Hub Team Set Off On Their Massive Cycling Challenge

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

The Veteran's Hub riders set off after being part of the Allied Forces parade, it was a good warm-up for their departure at 1pm today from the Jubilee Clock and Chesil Radio was there to wave them off.

Wayne Clark led the way along the esplanade and waved off by the team's family, friends and other Veterans including one of the flagbearers. They will be visiting many military sites in France and hope to return on the 24th June. The weather in France is not looking good for their stops, even though it has recently had record temperatures.
You can read Wayne's story on our previous blog, about why he was inspired to do this challenge: .

The monies raised will be split between three organisations and we wish them a safe journey there and back and hopefully catch up with them on their return. Although one of the last comments overheard was "I know roughly where we are going.", maybe we hope their navigation is well under control.
You can donate: or donate direct at The Veterans Hub.


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