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Chesil Radio's Hot Weather Protocol

Although a little early this year than normal, we have already had to put this policy in place for 2023 already.

Our team works very hard behind the scenes to bring you Chesil Radio, but they are able to do so as they volunteer their time. They do so much more than just present shows, they produce all their live shows, write these stories and follow up others, talk to listeners direct, etc. However, Nikki as you know, has health problems that means on some days, she can be around all day and at other times unable to do her scheduled shows.

One of those lovely things our Nikki has to contend with is being unable to maintain her body heat, in the winter you can put on another layer, but in the summer it's not the case. If you haven't checked out her story on this side of her disability please see:

We have a plan that has been in operation for a few years, that when the temperature in our studio reaches 25-30C, it down to presenter discretion on whether they choose to broadcast a live show. Above 30C and all live shows are cancelled, and this can mean last minute announcements and changes. The equipment used to broadcast is pumping out constant heat and the sound of the fans and air con, affects the sound of the presenter on a live broadcast too. A combination that does not bring good radio to you the listener.

We don't take this decision lightly when the Hot Weather Protocol is put in place we do try to alert you on our social media, but isn't always possible. So if you are enjoying the sunshine, it is very likely that the studio is extremely hot too, so if our presenters are unable to broadcast, please do not assume that they are too as their health conditions can be life threatening for them to present a show in extreme heat.

We thank you in advance for your understanding on this matter and wanted to clarify this situation should the need arise.

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