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Chesil Radio Speedway Rider Of The Year 2021

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Just before Christmas we let our Nikki go off to Kent to the end of season party for the Kent Kings Speedway.

There was a reason why she was travelling all that way. She was on the trail of awarding our Speedway Rider Of The Year for 2021.

Although, Chesil Radio has taken a back seat on the speedway coverage, in 2022, we plan to be back bigger and better. Now our Nikki was going to review end of season parties, but as you know our Nikki was enjoying herself too much at them this year, so instead we thought we would bring the news of our winner instead.

Dan Gilkes is our winner. A rider which Chesil Radio has sponsored for years now, having done one of his first live interviews trackside at Eastbourne, while riding for Reading. He took the step from MSDL to join Kent, which we did his first radio interview after that announcement was made and now moves to Plymouth, which although sad for Kent, it means Chesil Radio might be able to catch up with him more often in our area.

Dan has shown not only professionalism and skills on the track, but has always had time for his fans and his sponsors. He had time to join the dance floor at the Christmas party and have a few words with everyone in the room.

We congratulate him as our rider of the year and look forward to catching up with him trackside in 2022.
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