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Chesil Radio - Sponsored Speedway Riders

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

It's coming to that time of the year again, time to renew our sponsorships of riders, so we thought we would share our first three for 2022, as teams like to share their news over several posts.
Starting with Dan Gilkes, who is our speedway rider of year, after a spell at Kent has made the move to Plymouth, following Kent's Central Park sale and uncertainty of a Kent team and it's home. We have followed him from the start of our speedway broadcasting here on the station.

Secondly, we have JJ, aka James Jessop, who we have also followed him from his first steps into the MSDL, for the Weymouth Wildcats. He joined Eastbourne, following the nomadic team rulings and we look forward to finding out what team will snap him up and where he will be riding.
Finally, for this bundle, we have Chris Watts, he is another from the MSDL, riding for the IOW Wizards, when we first met him. He has been riding under the NORA banner last season over at the Smallbrook Stadium, but the hard work has paid off, as he has been announced today for the Kent Royals, at their new home of Iwade. Chesil Radio hopes to make a couple of trips up to Kent (again!) this season.
We wish all the riders good luck and a safe ride for the season ahead. We are sure there will be more faces added to these in the coming weeks.
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