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Chicken Factory Farming Changing The Way Some Eat

In a recent survey of 5,000 people, found that consumers know little about how chickens make it from the farm to the supermarket.
A study commissioned by a vegan company, found that while most considered themselves animal lovers, they were unaware how almost all chickens in the UK are raised.
8 out of 10 people think it was important to know where their food is produced but only 16% when shown a typical factory farm shed said they would be happy to buy from there.

Did you know that chickens are killed at just 6 weeks old for our food. Many thought that it was more like 3-6 months. The impact of the animal suffering were high on the concerns of the surveyed people with 71.65%.
The obvious question was that if plant-based chicken tasted as food as slaughter-based chicken would they buy it, the answer was 66.38%.

As a consumer knowing where your food comes from and an informed choice can be good for you and your pocket as well as your health and that of the welfare of the animals bred for food purposes.
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