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  • Nikki Latham

Consultations On Licencing More Share Homes In Portsmouth

All houses in multiple occupation in Portsmouth could be licenced under plans put forward by Portsmouth City Council. The Council's Cabinet has agreed to set up city-wide consultation on these decisions.

The plans would mean smaller shared houses or HMO's (Houses In Multiple Occupation) will join larger ones in having a licence to help ensure good management and living standards. Currently 1,200 HMO's, with five or more tenants sharing facilities, are licenced. The consultation will ask if that should be extended to all 6,000 HMO's, to include three or four tenants.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Preventing Homelessness, Cllr Darren Sanders, said: "For many adults in Portsmouth a shared house works. We know many are good; we also know many are not. We want every one to be like the best so we can make the lives of both people in them and their neighbours the best it can be." He adds: "We also want to get this right. That is why, rather than rush, we are asking people what they think first. Then we can evaluate what they say before making a final decision in the autumn."

The consultation on the policy will begin late May and details on how to see the evidence and submit views will be provided nearer the time. The council will also visit landlords, student bodies & tenants.
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