• John Latham

Could These Be The Global Trends For 2022 - We Shall Leave This With You

We don't want to worry you but here are the top 22 for 2022:
1. Reigning chaos.

2. Angst as the new normal.

3. Mental health moves out into the open.

4. Office work shake-ups.

5. Upskilling and reskilling in education and employment.

6. Death of the idolisation of America.

7. Greener cities.

8. Rising hyper-localism (again).

9. The villainization of big tech.

10. Roaring' 2020s: muted hedonism.

11. Workplace "cohesion cultivators".

12. Hybrid everything.

13. Rethinking schools.

14. Admiration for - and fear of - science.

15. Geeks speak in the Metaverse.

16. Virtual value.

17. Confronting inequality.

18. Water woes, including floods, storms and droughts.

19. Spotlight on front line workers.

20. Infrastructure gets sexy.

21. Fightback of the "missing middle".

22. War of words.
These findings come from a report from global trends forecaster Marian Salzman, a New York native, who popularised the term metrosexual in 2003 and her past predictions have come uncannily close to reality in the past three decades. Before the pandemic hit heavily, she did predict a "bunker mentality" and people's need to hunker down and prepare for potential existential threats, we shall see how close she gets in 2022 with her trend predictions.
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