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  • John Latham

Dieting Alone Often Results In Failure

Commitment and determination is required to gain success in losing weight, but new research has shown that a supportive group can be just as important for success.
The UK's first study (Longitudinal Investigation Into Mental Toughness, Weight Loss And Eating), into the relationship between dieting and mental toughness has revealed those that who are supported by a slimming group go on to lose more weight, than those trying alone.
The study by the University of Lincoln shows that over 6 months, those that had group support lost over 2 stone more than solo counterparts. Measures of mental toughness also rose by 10% too.

This news comes as the government figures suggest that 40% of adults have gained weight during the pandemic, with an average of over half a stone. Furthermore, over half (60%) of adults and two-thirds of youngsters (68%) said their mental health was affected too.

Psychologists and sports scientists believe that mental toughness is abut how someone copes with the challenges and stresses they face. Those with higher levels tend to break bigger goals into smaller, more achievable ones and have the confidence to ask for help when needed.
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