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Do We Notice Nature More Since The Pandemic

As many of us were unable to holiday abroad last year, some got the chance to enjoy our green and pleasant land and appreciate our native wildlife and fauna. As we return to our new "normal" and even while we have been seeing through the cold Winter months, it looks like our new found love of nature is here to stay.
More than 52% Brits, from a recent survey said they have become more appreciative of the great British outdoors, with 45% of the population planning on making the most of what the UK has to offer in the Winter months too, with walking, hiking and cycling, at the top of their to do list.
According to the survey conducted at the end of 2021, one in ten (11%) were to take to the water for some paddle boarding or wild swimming, while a fifth (18%) will enjoy some form of fitness outside in the winter months.

Brits love the autumn colours (66%), fresh air (61%), winter landscapes (52%), long walks (43%) and frosty mornings (43%), topping the list. This also is backed by half (50%) investing more in outdoor kit than in previous years, to wrap up for those walks to camping gear and even wetsuits.
Rural holidays are still being chosen for the year ahead, with finding them a great way to unwind, rest and provide much needed stress relief (46%), more activities outdoors than in previous years (45%), the discovery of new places (40%) and bonding with friends and family (30%), many of which during the pandemic was not achievable.
The outside makes us feel good and a great tonic for the mind and body. Over 88% of those questioned, said that there is a connection between their wellbeing and improving their mental health in the out in the open air. Making them feel more positive, rejuvenated, energised, inspired and/or less stressed. Other positives include "me" time to gather thoughts and reflect (29%) and more importantly connecting/reconnecting with friends and family (20%).

Our beautiful area has many places to visit and stay, and follow some of our own trips to new places during the coming year and we also welcome your suggestions to where you find your peace, light and love in the South West.
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