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  • Nikki Latham

Dogs On Lead Season In BCP Council Heathland Areas & Nature Reserves

Responsible dog owners in the BCP Council area are being reminded about some rules that have come into place until the 31st July 2022. At this time of the year it is important to help protect the area's outstanding natural environment.
During this period dog owners much take extra steps to limit any disturbance to protected wildlife in heathland areas and nature reserves across the BCP area.
Rule state that residents and visitors using their own access rights must keep their dogs on short leads of no more than 2 metres, until the end of July 2022 and all year around livestock. These areas include Canford Heath, Hengistbury Head, Turbary Common, Corfe Hills Heathland, Ham Common, Talbot Heath and Bourne Valley.

While all dog owners should be aware of their legal responsibilities to always pick up after their dogs, BCP Council is also taking additional step to mitigate the impact of dog waste on local nature reserves. Rangers have been utilising biodegradable red chalk spray to highlight areas where dog mess has been left out to fester and sully sites. This visual demonstration they hope will encourage dog owners to be responsible.
Seasonal rules around keeping dogs on lead are in line with Government guidance for management of open access land such as heathlands. Alternative sites, parks and green spaces are available across the BCP area where dogs can be off lead at all times.

For more information about heathlands see:
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