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Drivers to enjoy easier parking and smoother journeys as Plan for Drivers measures hit the road

Get ready, drivers! The Government is about to transform your travel experience with a game-changing announcement.

Starting tomorrow, Roads Minister Guy Opperman will unveil the first wave of measures from the ground breaking Plan for Drivers. Brace yourself for a future where finding parking becomes a breeze, and your satnav becomes your ultimate travel companion. No more outdated information or missing traffic updates. The Government is making sure that your satnav is always armed with the most accurate and up-to-date travel data.

From digital Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to real-time parking space locations, you'll have everything you need to navigate the roads safely and effortlessly. Get excited for a world where stress-free journeys are the norm.

Roads Minister Guy Opperman said: “This Government is on the side of drivers, which is why we’re making travelling by road much easier. Everyone knows the frustrations of being sent down a closed road by your sat-nav, so by going digital with our traffic information, we’re making sure that drivers have the very latest travel information to rely on.
“This is part of our first package of measures from our Plan for Drivers to be set out tomorrow, coming after our record £8.3 billion investment to resurface local roads – the biggest ever increase in funding for local road improvements.”

New regulations will require traffic authorities to send their Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to a digital publication platform. This will make the data easily accessible online for public use. Digitizing TROs is vital for providing accurate information to autonomous vehicles, ensuring their safe operation on British roads. The commitment to digitization is included in the Automated Vehicles Bill currently in Parliament.

These measures come after a significant increase in funding for local road improvements, with £8.3 billion redirected from HS2 funding. This funding will enable the resurfacing of over 5,000 miles of roads across England. The government aims to improve journeys for drivers and enhance transportation in various regions more efficiently. The allocated funds for HS2 will be reinvested in the North and Midlands, while the savings from the Euston project will be distributed across other regions in the country.

The digitisation of TROs is just one piece of the puzzle in the comprehensive Plan for Drivers initiative that the Government is set to unveil tomorrow. Minister Opperman has planned a visit to a highway depot in Kent on Monday to commemorate this exciting announcement and engage with key stakeholders.

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