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Emergency Services Event A Great Success

Weymouth Police Station hosted all the emergency services at their station for an event that so many went along too.
There was every possible and even some that you don’t think of that work behind the scenes for the emergency services, including South West Forensic Services and the Samaritans.
Bravo the police dog was in attendance and was roped in to join the Fire Service just once to go up the high platform ladder that meant he needed a bigger harness to enable him to be safe. All captured by us.
The kids loved jumping in and out of the vehicles and we found the use of drones talk very informative and how technology is helping the police with their resources to find missing people for example.
Some of the kids were a little apprehensive with the sirens, but with helmets and costumes they felt part of the day and future emergency service workers maybe inspired from the day.
The queue for the ice cream van was very long and I didn’t opt for that one. But a day of great enjoyment for all.
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