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Exeter Day Of Action On Youth Climate Change

On Friday 15th February 2019, students walked out of schools and colleges to let their voices to be heard about climate change.  They gathered in several locations across the UK.  Many of the Dorset students from Bridport in Dorset, chose Buckydoo Square or travelled into Exeter to protest outside their town hall in the hundreds, after being very vocal in the town centre, as they made their way there.

It was all part of the Youth Strike 4 Climate, which appears that Devon County Council supported and fully welcomed, however, I believe that although very noisy, it passed off very peacefully and was well organised.  It's the first UK-wide education strike over climate change, coordinated by the UK Student Climate Network.

Angel, who provided the pictures said on her Facebook page: "We are all passionate about one thing, and that is our future. We're all different people, with different beliefs, but the one thing that makes us all similar is that we want Climate Change to stop, for the government to bring more awareness to this and stop it from getting worse! And for people to understand more about your own futures, and how our home will have no future in time to come. And how individually, our own actions can contribute to lowering co2 emissions.  The statistics are there, so is the research, just do your own research to find out."

The banners were made from cardboard and was re-used to make the banners and kept for future protests, with many having been used before to protest.  One of the reasons that Devon County Council was targeted was as a  Climate Emergency motion being debated and voted on by Devon County councillors on February 21. The motion urges the council to pledge Devon to become carbon neutral by 2030.

This first day of action looks set to be a series of escalating action, with the next strike date set for March 15.  The National Association of Head Teachers were quick to say children should not miss school unless in exceptional circumstances.

Big thanks to Angel for her photos and video from the event.

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