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Tasty Local Food Reviews

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Our station controller, Nikki, has been resting on her laurels for the station since lockdown for our food reviews, but she is back!!

Nikki says: I try where possible to visit venues more than once before doing a review, although lockdown made that not possible to carry on to do. So as we go into Autumn, and locally it gets a little quieter, hopefully. I will be visiting venues across Dorset to review the food, drinks and service."

Nikki adds: There have already been places that I have been really impressed with some venues and disappointed by others. Some that I can't wait to go back for a second visit to complete my review and as we say on the radio the views of the presenter may not be that of the station."

It's been a hard time for hospitality and has been a busy summer for many, but there are some real gems that customer service really does shine. Nikki will be giving her personal honest opinion each week on her day off trips out, but if you think you are the best or you think you know the best, let her know at: and she will add it to her list to visit soon.

Nikki loves her food so venues watch out for Chesil Radio checking in your venue soon!


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