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Fresh Call To Debunk Dementia Misconceptions

A fifth of adults confuse Alzheimer's and dementia. 17% believe they will develop dementia if a family member has it, and 14% think people with dementia can't have a meaningful life.

Care UK has commissioned research to debunk these myths and provide support to families with a new video guide called 'One step at a time - A video guide to navigating dementia'. Dementia is an umbrella term for various conditions that affect memory, thinking, and decision making. It can be managed, allowing individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

34% admit to having little knowledge or experience with dementia. 67% feel they should know more but haven't made an effort to educate themselves. 47% would turn to the internet for information on dementia, while only 34% would seek professional medical advice.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia, starting with mild memory loss and progressing to communication and environmental responsiveness difficulties. 36% have had a loved one diagnosed with dementia, with 91% finding it one of the most challenging experiences.

Providing care becomes difficult due to witnessing personality changes, loss of self, and the need for patience.


  1. Dementia always includes memory loss

  2. If someone in my family is living with dementia, I am likely to develop it as well

  3. People living with dementia can’t lead a meaningful life

  4. Dementia can be prevented

  5. Dementia only affects people in their 60s or above

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