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Gen Z – A Generation Of Contradictions

Gen Z is a generation full of surprises when it comes to relationships. Despite being labelled as "puriteens" one moment, they are actually the most adventurous generation yet!

A recent report by YouGov and Ashley Madison (the married dating app), revealed some interesting insights. While Gen Z in the UK may seem reserved, their counterparts in other countries are much more open-minded. For example, only 26% of Gen Z Brits would consider an open relationship, placing the UK at the bottom globally.

On the other hand, Gen Z in Brazil and Mexico are the most willing to explore non-monogamous relationships, with the USA, Canada, and Australia also ahead of the UK in this aspect.

Despite the perceived reserve, there is a growing interest in non-monogamous relationships among British Gen Z, with many citing benefits such as a fuller romantic and sexual experience. It seems that the younger generation is more open-minded and accepting of different forms of love. Perhaps the British reserve isn't as strong as we thought!

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