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Get Around On The Bus For £2 Across The UK

The Government has given £60 million to help people save money on bus fares. This means that, until the end of March, people in England can only pay £2 for each bus ride.

Bus operators outside of London will charge only £2 for their single tickets across over 4,600 routes. This will help families, commuters, and other passengers save money on their travel. If someone wants to travel 3 miles on a bus, they'll usually have to pay around £2.80. But if they buy a single ticket, they'll save almost a third of the price. This is especially true if the person is travelling in a rural area, where bus tickets can cost over £5. The initiative encourages people to get back on the bus, which can help the industry continue its recovery from the pandemic and reduce CO2 emissions. It will also tackle congestion by taking an estimated two million cars off the road.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “By helping passengers outside London save almost a third off the average single bus ticket and taking two million cars off the road, the £2 bus fare cap is a fantastic way to start the new year. “Buses are a key part of our vision for a clean, efficient and modern transport network that is affordable for everyone. That’s why we’re investing £60 million to encourage everyone to hop on the bus and ‘Get Around for £2’.”

The scheme forms part of the Government’s Help For Household's campaign, as the new cap can deliver real savings for those most affected by the rising cost of living.

This fare cap builds on the allocation of more than £2 billion to support bus services in England through the pandemic and a commitment to fund improved services, new bus priority measures and new electric or hydrogen buses as part of the ambitious National Bus Strategy, published in 2021.

Martin McTague, National Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said: “More than a third of small firms consider public transport important to their business. It is therefore encouraging to see support on bus fares as we battle tough economic conditions. This move will likely encourage shoppers to go to towns and cities – just the fuel we need for economic growth.” The government will continue to work closely with bus operators and local authorities to make sure that passengers have access to reliable and affordable bus services after March. Norman Baker from Campaign for Better Transport, said: “Affordable bus travel really is a win-win. Capping bus fares in this way will help struggling households, cut traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and inject new life into dwindling bus services.”

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