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Government committed to MOT modernisation as consultation concludes

The Government has confirmed that motorists will still need to take their first MOT test three years after purchasing a new car. This decision comes after the Government listened to the concerns of drivers. The consultation on updating MOT testing for cars, motorbikes, and vans concluded that the first MOT will remain at three years from registration. Subsequent MOT tests will continue to be required annually to ensure road safety and provide peace of mind for drivers. The Government will also explore ways to better monitor diesel vehicle emissions through the DVSA. The AA estimates that annual MOT tests can save drivers between £200 and £400 by detecting and addressing potential issues before they become costly repairs.

Roads Minister Guy Opperman said: “We have listened to drivers and industry, and keeping MOTs in their current form shows once again that we are on the side of motorists.
“By offering clarity on MOT tests, alongside our recent street works consultation and unprecedented £8.3 billion to resurface roads, we are helping motorists drive with peace of mind and ensuring Britain’s roads continue to be some of the safest in the world.”

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