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Government to crack down on disruptive street works to cut congestion and improve roads

Get ready for smoother journeys and an extra £100 million to resurface our roads!

The Government's Plan for Drivers is here to save the day! Roads Minister Guy Opperman has unleashed a street works consultation to put an end to those pesky roadworks that ruin our commutes. No more traffic jams caused by utility companies dragging their feet!

The consultation aims to hit these companies where it hurts, proposing to extend the hefty £10,000 per day fine to weekends and bank holidays. That's right, no more disrupting our precious leisure time! And that's not all - fines could double up to £1,000 for those daring to breach job conditions.

But wait, there's more! At least 50% of funds from lane rental schemes will be used to fix potholes and improve our roads. That's a whopping £100 million over 10 years! So buckle up, folks! With these measures, we'll beat congestion, slash journey times, and make your A to B trips smoother than ever.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “After investing an extra £8.3 billion to resurface roads across England, the largest ever increase in funding for local road improvements, this Government continues to back drivers with these new measures from our Plan for Drivers.
“Our new proposals seek to free up our roads from overrunning street works, cut down traffic jams and generate up to £100 million extra to resurface roads up and down the country.”
Roads Minister Guy Opperman said: “Being stuck in traffic is infuriating for drivers. Too often traffic jams are caused by overrunning street works.
“This Government is backing drivers, with a robust approach to utility companies and others, who dig up our streets. We will seek to massively increase fines for companies that breach conditions and fine works that overrun into weekends and bank holidays, while making the rental for such works help generate up to an extra £100 million to improve local roads.”

Maintenance work by gas, water, and utility companies is crucial, but did you know that the whopping two million street works in England during 2022/2023 cost the economy a staggering £4 billion? The road congestion and journey disruptions caused by these works are no joke!

They've introduced a performance-based "street works regime" to ensure top-notch road resurfacing by utility companies. And that's not all! They've even implemented lane rental schemes, where street works can cost up to a whopping £2,500 per day!

These measures aren't just about fixing roads. They also aim to promote active travel by safeguarding walking, wheeling, and cycling routes. Plus, they offer opportunities to enhance pavements, pedestrian crossings, and even repair those pesky cycle lanes.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “Overrunning roadworks and poorly re-instated roads from utilities companies frustrate drivers, cause unnecessary congestion, and trench defects can damage vehicles and injure those on two-wheels.
“We are pleased that the Government is looking to extend the fines for over-running street works, invest more of the surplus fines in roads and ensure that those who dig up the roads repair them to a high and timely standard.”

The Government has a game-changing plan up its sleeve! Brace yourself for a future where all traffic restrictions go digital. Yes, you heard it right! From temporary experiments to permanent road closures, everything will now be included in the cutting-edge "Traffic Regulation Orders" (TROs). This digital transformation means that your trusty satnav systems will now be equipped with the latest traffic updates. Say goodbye to outdated information and hello to hassle-free journeys! And here's the cherry on top: this technological leap sets the stage for the arrival of reliable autonomous vehicles.

RAC head of policy Simon Williams said: “Drivers shouldn’t have to put up with temporary roadworks for any longer than is necessary, so we’re pleased to see the Government is looking to do more to guarantee that utility companies minimise disruption by carrying out roadworks as quickly and efficiently as possible. They should also leave roads in better condition than they found them, which unfortunately is hardly ever the case at

The government is injecting a jaw-dropping £8.3 billion into revamping our beloved highways. With this colossal funding boost, we're talking about resurfacing over 5,000 miles of roads across England. That's right, smoother rides are on the horizon!

This initiative comes hot on the heels of the largest-ever funding uplift for local road improvements. The government has redirected funds from HS2 to ensure that drivers like you get the journeys you deserve – faster and better! We're talking about putting more people, in more places, on the fast track to hassle-free commuting. So buckle up, folks! Get ready for a driving experience like no other. The government is firmly on your side, working tirelessly to enhance your journeys. Let's hit the road and embrace a smoother, more exciting future!

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